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About Us

Who We Are

We are the Rural Landscaping Company from Jarrahdale on the Darling Ranges of Perth, Western Australia. We live on the rural fringe and work with clients on acreage, lifestyle and equestrian properties. We have been designing and constructing outdoor spaces for the past five years specialising in rustic and country landscapes.

How We Operate

We offer comprehensive landscape design and construction services providing beginning-to-end project design, material selections, and contractor selection and management specific to each client.

Every client is different; some seek a full-scale design, some seasonal maintenance or water management, but almost all are chasing simple advice on a staged priority-based approach to their landscape ideas. It is common that we roll out the landscape plan in intervals, returning to commence the next stage as the budget and season allows.

It is important to us that we understand your needs thoroughly, how you want each element of your design to perform and ultimately how you would like to live in your new landscape. For this reason we are happy to spend the time to listen to you with a free initial consultation.

Points of Difference

The Rural Landscaping Company are unique and there are very few that do what we do. A few things that separate us from the others:

  • We work with the land not against it. - It is our aim to leave a light footprint on the planet and so we enhance what is already there, minimise damage to the natural environment, and don’t remove anything unnecessarily. This minimum disturbance concept is discussed during the planning phase and all decisions are made in collaboration with our clients.
  • We build out of recycled products  - We love to recycle, so our bitumen driveways, road base, hardstands, tracks, mulches, and landscaping materials are mostly recycled. We get a kick out of re-using and re-purposing materials and making use of what the client already has to make a feature or bed the design into the natural landscape.
  • We make budgets stretch further on larger properties. - Many clients ask us to stage the work to suit their budget, so we prioritise the tasks and go back at a later stage to complete the next stage of the project. Often the landscape concept is not completed in one project, but we deliver at a pace that will suit your budget requirements. Using recycled products can also help in regards to your budget!
  • We work to scale  - We understand that landscaping on acreage, lifestyle, and equestrian properties is an exercise in scale as zones and installations are generally larger, but so are the open spaces between them. The space between zones, buildings, open spaces and features needs to be proportionate to the rural surroundings.
  • We understand the importance of water management  - We always consider how the landscape will perform during wet weather conditions and build the drainage solutions into the landscape design before we begin.
  • We solve problems and come up with creative solutions  - We enjoy solving problems, coming up with workable solutions for difficult areas for our clients. We work in the Perth Hills so we know a fair bit about managing water, working with clay, rock, and sandy soils.
  • We believe function drives design. - We will spend a lot of time asking questions to understand how you use your land and what new amenities you want. It is true your landscapes and hardscapes should look amazing but how they perform and their functionality comes first.

Our Goal

Here at the Rural Landscaping Company we don't compromise on quality materials, workmanship or construction methods. Our aim is to form lifelong relationships in our local community and we achieve that by selecting the most suitable materials and employing methods that will ensure the landscape can be used and enjoyed for a long time. We hope to provide the long term enjoyment of a quality well-built landscape that will last longer than the short term buzz of a cheap one.

We want to help you realise your vision. Landscaping is very personal and we will work closely with you from beginning to end to help you achieve your dream. By the end of the project we will know you very well and will generally develop a great first name working relationship that continues into the future. 


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